Quarter Life Crises
(or How I Might Be a Hypocrite at 28
or First World Problems)

September 13

1. My kids only drink organic milk and sometimes I serve them vegan “chicken” nuggets. I binge out on McDonalds sometimes when they’re not around.

2. The only dolls I buy my girls have brown hair. Is this wrong?

3. ¬†Yesterday, I brought a pile of clean laundry upstairs with every intention to fold it and put it away. I ended up dumping it on the unmade bed, laying on top of it and devouring a good portion of Mindy Kaling’s book. (It makes it so much worse that my phone rang and, too lazy to even sit up, I dragged it along the bedspread with my foot until I could reach it.)

4. I can’t decide if I want to be a brightly colored nail person or a neutral nail person. Or what the true differences are between them.

5. There are at least 8 frames I own that are losing hope of ever being hung on a wall.

6. My kids own too many clothes. There. I said it. I am continually buying storage bins to put the too-small ones in.

7. While at the store, I bought pretzels as a healthier snack alternative when, let’s be honest, I knew the only way I was eating those rods was slathered in Nutella.

8. I don’t think God particularly cares about online games that I play, but when I’m crushing candy instead of folding laundry, sometimes I think He won’t let me pass a level just because I’m wasting time. I acknowledge that this thought is ridiculous at best, blasphemous at worst.

9. My motivation for running varies between a few shallow thoughts: a new bathing suit, using my cool running headphones, clearer skin and the longing for new, cooler running shoes when I do enough running to wear out my current ones.

10. If I never hear the term DIY again, it’ll be too soon. I’m so over it. I’ll be buying other peoples’ DIYs, thank you very much.

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(or How I Might Be a Hypocrite at 28
or First World Problems)

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